Not sure if finess is the right word, not even sure if i spelled it right....but i'm finding out that making a quilt takes considerble know how.  (Don't have.)  I remember starting one about 55 years ago and i remember my grandmother finishing the pieces i had started putting together. I have a "how to" book (bought 2 years ago, a discount at the Walmart fabric counter) for a baby quilt and have purchased the lining and all fabric needed.  I have started sewing the blocks together. How do you cut 5" X 5" blocks, but when you carefully sew the 1/4" seams, they don't all line up???  Well this first quilt won't be perfect (for sure), but it will be finished and i will have learned MUCH about quilting.  Main thing i learn when starting something new:  Each day you learn how much you DON'T KNOW and have to learn about what you are doing.  

Practice makes perfect! (Well, we will see about that...) @marjoriekovalik

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